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Varsity Schedule & Results
Mar 25Wichita Southeast 6, Wichita North 3Wichita NorthL 6-3stats(pdf)
Mar 27Wichita West 9, Wichita North 0Wichita WestL 9-0stats(pdf)
Mar 31Wichita Northwest 9, Wichita North Riverside Tennis CenterL 9-stats(pdf)
Apr 3Wichita Kapaun Mt. Carmel 9, Wichita North 0Kapaun Mt. CarmelL 9-0stats(pdf)
Apr 8Wichita East 8, Wichita North 1Riverside Tennis CenterL 8-1stats(pdf)
Apr 144:00 pm  Wichita South , Wichita North Wichita South
Apr 244:00 pm  Wichita North , Wichita Heights Riverside Tennis Center
Apr 28Wichita Bishop Carroll 9, Wichita North 0Bishop CarrollL 9-0stats(pdf)
May 13:00 pm  
Campus Invitational
Wichita Heights , Conway Springs , Wichita North , Derby , Campus 
Ralph Wulz Riverside Tennis Center
May 3
GWAL - League Tournament
Wichita Kapaun Mt. Carmel 62, Wichita Bishop Carroll 58, Wichita Northwest 46, Wichita West 37, Wichita Heights 33, Wichita East 21, Wichita Southeast 16, Wichita North 14, Wichita South 5
Wichita State Coleman Tennis Center8thstats(pdf)
May 10
Class 6A Regional: Hutchinson
Maize 17, Hutchinson 14, Garden City 11, Campus 10, Dodge City 4, Wichita Northwest 2, Wichita South , Wichita North 
Hutchinson - Fairgrounds Tennis Complex stats(pdf)
Mar 263:00 pm  
Wichita North vs Wichita West
Wichita West , Wichita North 
Mar 303:00 pm  
Northwest vs North
Wichita North , Wichita Northwest 

Varsity Schedule
Apr 24:00 pm
North vs Kapaun
Wichita North, Wichita Kapaun Mt. Carmel
Wichita North
Apr 94:00 pm
South vs North
Wichita South, Wichita North
Wichita South
Apr 164:00 pm
Southeast vs North
Wichita North, Wichita Southeast
Wichita North
Apr 214:00 pm
Heights vs North
Wichita Heights, Wichita North
Wichita Heights
Apr 274:00 pm
North vs Carroll
Wichita Bishop Carroll, Wichita North
Wichita North
May 29:00 am
GWAL Tournament
Wichita Bishop Carroll, Wichita East,
Wichita Heights, Wichita Kapaun Mt. Carmel,
Wichita North, Wichita Northwest,
Wichita South, Wichita Southeast,
Wichita West
Wichita State Tennis Courts
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