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Tennis-Boys (2014) Schedule/Results

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Varsity Results
4:00 pmWichita Bishop Carroll, Wichita Kapaun Mt. Carmel
Bishop Carroll
Wichita East 7, Wichita Southeast 2Wichita East
4:00 pmWichita North, Wichita South
Wichita South
4:00 pmWichita Northwest, Wichita West
Wichita Northwest
Apr 14
9:00 am
Arkansas City Invitational
Derby, Arkansas City
Arkansas City
Apr 15Greater Wichita Athletic League
Wichita Kapaun Mt. Carmel 6, Wichita Bishop Carroll 3Bishop Carrollresults(pdf)
3:00 pmAndover Central, Maize South
Maize South
Apr 15
3:00 pm
Campus Invitational
Campus, Augusta,
Valley Center, Chaparral
Ralph Wulz Riverside Tennis Center
Apr 15
Salina Central Invitational
Salina Central 62, Newton 48, Hesston 37, Andover 37, Emporia 30, Salina Sacred Heart 23, Salina South 21, Garden City 13, Smoky Valley 9
Salina Centralresults(pdf)
Apr 15
Sterling Invitational
Sterling 24, Ellsworth 18, Pratt 14, Hillsboro 2
Apr 15
Wichita Collegiate Invitational
Andover Central, Goddard Eisenhower,
Wichita Collegiate, Wellington,
Derby, Maize
Wichita Collegiateresults(pdf)
4:00 pmWichita South, Wichita Northwest
Wichita South
Wichita West 6, Wichita Southeast 3Wichita Westresults(pdf)
Apr 17
3:00 pm
Derby Invitational
Derby, Campus,
Maize, Maize South,
Salina Central, Wichita Collegiate,
Wichita Heights
Apr 17
3:00 pm
Goddard Invitational
Goddard, Andover,
Maize South, Wichita Kapaun Mt. Carmel
Apr 17
Hesston Triangular
Conway Springs 1, Central Plains 1, Hesston 1
Apr 17
3:00 pm
Hutchinson Invitational
Hutchinson, Buhler,
Newton, Salina South,
Wichita East, Dodge City,
Garden City, Hutchinson Trinity
Apr 18
Maize South Invitational
Andover Central 17, Buhler 15, Winfield 14, Maize South 8, Wellington 1
Maize Southresults(pdf)
Apr 18
3:00 pm
Winfield Invitational
Winfield, Campus,
TH Vaughn Tennis Center
Apr 19
8:00 am
McPherson Invitational
Hutchinson, McPherson,
Maize, Arkansas City,
Salina Central, Wichita Collegiate,
Garden City, Independence
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