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Varsity Schedule & Results     (15-7)
Dec 6Maize South56Andover*54Maize South High School 
Dec 10Maize65Andover63Maize Senior High School - MHS Gym Main 
Dec 13Andover Central49Andover*47Andover High School 
Dec 17Andover63Arkansas City*31Arkansas City High School 
Dec 20Andover68Goddard*38Andover High School 
Jan 4
GWAL/AVCTL Tournament
Wichita North63Andover*55Wichita State University Koch ArenaF/OT
Jan 7Goddard Eisenhower73Andover*70Eisenhower High School 
Jan 14Andover67Valley Center*41Andover High School 
Jan 17Andover68Campus50Haysville-Campus High School 
Jan 21
Salina Tournament
Salina Central62Andover58Salina Central
Jan 23
Salina Tournament: Consolation Semifinals
Andover66Smoky Valley37TBA
Jan 24
Salina Tournament: 5th Place
Andover58Salina Sacred Heart33TBA
Feb 7Andover60Andover Central*45Andover Central High School 
Feb 11Andover65Arkansas City*39Andover High School 
Feb 14Andover62Goddard*55Goddard High School 
Feb 18Andover64Goddard Eisenhower*63Andover High School 
Feb 20Andover50Salina Central44Salina Central
Feb 21Andover53Maize South*45Andover High School 
Feb 25Andover65Valley Center*51Valley Center
Feb 27Andover63Campus25Andover
Mar 5
Class 5A Sub-State - Newton 2: Semifinals
Andover40Valley Center23Andover
Mar 7
Class 5A Sub-State - Newton 2: Championship
Salina Central62Andover60AndoverF/OT
* League Game

Varsity Schedule
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